10 Best Bongs

10 Best Bongs

Bongs are an excellent way to get the most out of your dry herbs. They are perfect for groups and solo sessions and deliver amazing results. Bongs are particularly preferred because of the cool and smooth smoke they produce.

You can never go wrong with a bong if you want to get high. And while there is no such thing as a bad bong, some are better than others. Good examples are the glass and acrylic bongs. They have unique features that make them the most suitable materials to make the best bongs. This guide looks at the best ten bongs made out of acrylic or glass.

  1. Beaker Bongs

The beaker bong is known for its spacious design and stability. It is perfect for group hangs because its broad base allows the bong to be taller for larger hits and allows more room for percolators.

The Beaker bong also carries more water which means more effective cooling and better filtration for a smoother and cooler smoke. With the option of adding more accessories, better stability, and more durability, the beaker bong easily ranks as one of the best bongs, especially because it is fairly priced with numerous benefits and limitless accessorising opportunities.

  1. Straight Tube Bong

Straight tube bongs are simple and reliable. They are perfect for smokers looking for a bong that is straightforward to operate. The bongs are made from one straight tube of blown glass. They are usually thicker than other types of bongs, and they are taller.

Most straight tube bongs come with percolators, ice catchers, or diffuse downstems. For smokers looking for a premium experience out of the box, straight tube bongs might be the best choice.

Unlike beaker bongs, straight tube bongs don’t have a wide base and can easily topple over. They also have limited space for water, hence the need to add ice catchers and percolators to make cooling and filtration more effective.

  1. Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs are easily distinguished by their percolators. The percolators help cool the smoke by filtering it more before it reaches you, making your smoking experience better.

Percolator bongs are more intricate. They can comprise different levels of filtrations and different types of percolators. They are an excellent option for smokers that love stunning-looking bongs that look even better.

Both Glass and clear acrylic percolator bongs allow you to see how the bong works as the smoke works its way through the different percolators. These bongs are as funs to watch as they are used. As you would expect, they also require better maintenance and cleaning of the different parts.

Besides the percolators, this type of bong can also support other accessories like ice catchers, enhancing your smoking experience.

  1. Round Based Bongs

Round-based bongs are very similar to beaker bongs, only they look rounder at the bottom. They have a wider and sturdier base that allows for taller designs and are perfect for group sessions as well. While the sides of the bong are round, the base is flat, which allows the bong to stand on its own during use.

Round base bongs have the benefit of space. You can add a lot of water to the base for enhanced filtration and cooling. The bong can also be coupled with a percolator or straight tube bong, which gives you more flexibility in the accessories you can add to the bong.

  1. Multi-Chamber Bongs

Multi-chamber bongs are considered premium bongs. They have excellent quality, and the designs can be outstanding. The bongs feature complex glasswork that transfers the smoke through different chambers, cooling it and purifying it for smoother and cooler hits.

Multi-chamber bongs come in a variety of designs. Like Percolator bongs, these are also cool to watch as they function, and the hits are even more impressive.

Multi-chamber bongs are slightly more expensive. But the experience they offer both visually and the quality of the hits makes them worth buying. These are excellent bongs for herb lovers that want nothing but the best experience.

There is an insane number of designs for multi-chamber designs. Because of how intricate these designs can be at times, they have also become a collector’s item among herb lovers that appreciate the art that goes into creating these marvellous bongs.

  1. Recycler Bongs

Recycler bongs are very much like multi-chamber bongs. Sometimes, they are even considered a different type of multi-chamber bong. They use the same principle of cooling and filtering smoke. The only difference is, instead of taking the smoke through different chambers, they take the smoke through the same water multiple times. Up to 5-10 times in a matter of seconds.

Like multi-chamber bongs, there are many types of recycler bongs varying in design but with the same amazing efficiency. These bongs are excellent for anyone looking for the smoothest smoking experience. The bongs are easy to accessorise and are durable.

  1. Bubblers

Bubblers are the portable vaporisers of the bong world. They are miniature bongs with a mix of water pipes and bowls in one. Bubblers are convenient and easy to use, offering you the portability of a hand pipe and the smoothness of a bong.

Unfortunately, bubblers are not the best device for group sessions because of their size. But if you're looking for something that you can take on the road without any worries and saves space, they fit the bill.

Bubblers come in different types of designs. But most are not going to have percolation, but it is possible to find some with percolators if you feel it is a must-have.

Typically, most people consider using bubblers as a secondary bong. They are perfect for smokers that want to mix things up or those that love smoking on the go but want something that works like a bong without the large imposing size.  

  1. Zongs

Zongs get their name from their unique zig-zag design that usually looks like a ‘Z.’ The design is largely considered aesthetic, but it does have some performance benefits as well.

First, the small cross-section at the Z-section can function as an ice catch. It also provides a place where you can easily secure a good grip, especially because a good number of these types of bongs are large.

The Z-section also allows for smoke to cool down more before reaching you for a smoother experience. There’s no question that these devices also look great. They are perfect for herb lovers that appreciate art and love using bongs that stand out and grab attention.

When using a zong, you should know that they are top-heavy and need a sturdy base. They are easy to knock over, so you should be cautious about where you place the bong.

If you love straight tube bongs but which they performed better, a zong would be a better alternative. It has largely the same design but works slightly better. It also helps that they are affordable.

  1. Inline Bongs

Inline bongs come in multiple intricate designs. They have strong bases and excellent percolation. However, they are uncommon and hard to come by.

The inline bongs have inline percolators positioned horizontally and built into the glass. Most will also have another percolator above for an even smoother experience. For this reason, they are also considered multi-chamber bongs.

Inline bongs are among the smoothest hitting pipes. They are large and paired with a thick straight tube made of scientific glass. The best ones can get pricey but prove worth the price tag.

  1. Dab Rigs

Finally, there are dab rigs. These are relatively new to the bong scene. Unlike most options designed for smoking dry herbs, these work with wax concentrates. Already, this type of bong has some serious, unique designs to handle the heat and intensity of dabs. These rigs mainly use percolation and recycling. They have intricate airflow designs to cool the smoke and most of them are smaller than bongs.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to bongs, there’s no reason to hold back. Pick the best one you can find. Luckily, there is no shortage. You just need to consider what your needs are, after which finding a suitable bong won't be a problem.



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