10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

10 Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Dry herb vaporisers are quickly replacing conventional methods of enjoying herbs like smoking. They provide a more sophisticated, relaxing, and enjoyable way of extracting beneficial compounds from your herbs without inhaling the smoke.

Whether you're new to vaporisers or an experienced vaper, finding the right dry herb vaporiser is critical for the best experience. There are multiple options in the market, which can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. Instead of trying out tens of devices before you can find one that works for you, we did the research and compiled the best 10 dry herb vaporisers for you.

  1. The Volcano Classic

Despite being around for over two decades, the Volcano Classic reigns as the most impressive vaporizers on the market. Its extended stay in the market is one of the reasons this is considered one of the best dry herb vaporizers. It has passed the test of time, and despite not having all the fancy features that modern devices have, it is a device that was made way ahead of its time and offers an exceptional vaping experience.

The Volcano Classic has a unique valve design, simple operation and requires minimal maintenance. It is a tough device that will easily last for years while delivering exceptional vaping experiences to you and your friends.

  1. Volcano Hybrid

There’s no doubt the Volcano Classic is the undisputed king of dry herb vaporiser. But some vapers love having some technology with their devices which makes vaping that much easier. This is what the Volcano Hybrid offers. Technology and modernity.

The design and overall shape of the Hybrid are almost the same as that of the Classic. But it has a few additional features like a clear and easy-to-see display, more accurate temperature control and Bluetooth app control. It maintains the same performance as the Classic, if not better and has a ceramic-coated aluminium filling chamber.

You can use this device with the Tube or Balloon, depending on what you prefer. With this unique selection, you're assured of the best vaping experience.  

  1. Storz & Bickel Mighty

The Mighty vaporiser represents the needs and wants of every modern dry herb vaporiser lover. It has performance, durability, dependability and portability. The Mighty has been around for about four years now and has warmed the hearts of many dry herb lovers.

It has top-notch vapour quality, which is at par with high-end desktop vaporisers, which really says something considering this is a portable unit.

The pulls from this device are smooth and flavourful, which is precisely what you're looking for in a vaporizer. Although the Mighty has that German engineering approach, which sometimes can feel sophisticated, it is an easy device to use. It is fitted with a screen that displays all the critical information, and it has easy up and down controls for the temperature.

It has a plethora of safety features that include auto-shutoff if you forget to turn off the device. The Mighty has hybrid heating. It uses conduction and convection heating techniques, and this technology is patented by S&B. Other impressive features on the Mighty include the long-lasting battery and has a pass-through feature so you can continue vaping as the device recharges.

  1. Arizer V-Tower

The Arizer V-Tower is an exceptional device perfect for desktop vaping. It has exceptionally high performance and is quite versatile. It boasts cutting-edge technology that includes a clear but basic screen, fast-heating ceramic heat elements that will reach the desired temperature within two minutes, and an adjustable auto shut-off timer.

The vapour quality of the V-tower is out of the world. The whip makes it easy to share the vape sessions and still get good flavour and consistency. The V-Tower has a vertical glass heating chamber that remains one of a kind and a vertical heating design, which shows the thought and effort that has gone into ensuring you get the best performance out of the device.

  1. Crafty +

The Crafty+  is another portable vaporiser also from the Storz&Bickle line. If you have used the Mighty and found it a little too big and want something a little smaller without giving up most of the performance, the Crafty+ is the best alternative.

The Crafty+ is slightly smaller and a little cheaper than the Mighty. Although it skimps on some of the features like not having a display, it is still an impressive vaporiser that has improved on other areas like the heating times. It also has unique features like the super booster function that ensures you finish your vape session efficiently.

The Crafty+ can deliver up to 90 minutes of continuous vaping. If that isn't enough, the charging time on the Crafty+ is 25% shorter, allowing you to get back to vaping sooner. It still packs the same hybrid technology, which delivers quality, untainted flavour. If you’re looking for a truly portable device with a delivery almost the same as the Mighty, the Crafty+ offers just that.

  1. Arizer ArGO

The ArGO is one of the first truly portable vaporisers from Arizer. It comes with a unique mouthpiece design that retracts back into the unit, protecting the mouthpiece from damage and ensuring the device keeps a compact appearance and design which is perfect for on-the-road use.

The ArGo is a compact device that measures almost the same size as a deck of cards. It fits perfectly in your hands. As with its other vaporisers, Arizer didn’t take any shortcuts with the ArGo. It is a sturdy device that has stayed away from plastic and other cheap materials.

It has excellent vapour and flavour production and uses the same hybrid heating used by the other leading devices. Arizer has borrowed this technology from its other devices, namely the Solo 2 and the Air 2.

The ArGo has a full OLED display. It shows the battery life and temperature. It proves to be a handy addition that saves you the trouble of having an app on your phone to keep tabs on these critical parameters.  The ArGo comes with a replaceable battery which is quite impressive for a portable dry herb vaporiser.

  1. DaVinci IQC

The DaVinci IQC is one of the latest conduction-based portable vaporisers in the market. It comes from a long line of herb vaporisers. The First IQ was released in 2016, and you can bet the IQC comes with a lot of improvements and features.

The IQC has a sandblasted aluminium shell and an airtight vapour path that is made from zirconia and glass to preserve the flavour of the vapour. It has a superfast heating time, multiple vaping modes, a fast-charging time and a removable 3000mAh battery that delivers up to two hours of use.

  1. Arizer Solo Kit

The Solo is an award-winning dry-herb vaporiser kit that is built for on-the-go vaping. It is easy to use and guarantees smooth and tasty vapour.

The Solo kit also uses a unique hybrid heating system that has a glass vapour path for maximum vapour purity and flavour. Other features you can get with the Solo kit include precision temperature control, automatic shut-off, quick DC charging, and pass-through mode vaping.

The device has a ceramic heating element that reduces the heating time while ensuring you get the best performance and pure vapour.

  1. Plenty Vaporiser

The Plenty vaporiser is easily the whackiest looking dry herb vaporiser in the market. It is made by the famous S&B brand in Germany, known for producing top-quality vaporisers like the Volcano and the Mighty vaporiser.

The Plenty is a handheld device that has a Hot Air Generator and Vaporisation Unit. It works without any pumps or balloons and is an ultra-quiet and efficient device to use that is very convenient. If you don't mind the attention the unique design of the device draws, you will love using the Plenty. Although this is a handheld device, it is not entirely portable because of its size.

  1. DaVinci Miqro

The only reason the Miqro is sitting in the 10th place isn't that it is a bad device, but its size doesn't allow it to perform at the same level as some of the big guns listed above. Granted, it is still an excellent performer that delivers way beyond what its size offers.

For anybody looking for a small, sleek, sophisticated and well-engineered vaporiser, the Miqro is an excellent choice. It has some unique features of its own that include the 100% ceramic zirconia air chamber and mouthpiece that delivers the purest vapour you will ever get from any vaporiser.

The Miqro also has an adjustable chamber that allows you to customise your vaping sessions depending on how long you want them to be. You can also adjust the settings to low, average, or high, depending on your preferences.

Other stunning features on the Miqro include the replaceable 18350 battery and precision temperature and smart paths.

With the Miqro, you are set for flavour-packed dry herb vaping sessions for a long time and without any herb wastage.

Closing Remarks

There is no shortage of amazing dry herb vaporisers on the market. With manufacturers constantly trying to outdo each other, it can be difficult choosing the right vaporiser for your needs. Hopefully, this list of the best 10 vaporisers narrows down that list for you and makes it easier for you to pick the right one.

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