Bongs VS Blunts

Bongs VS Blunts

They are the legends in the history of smoking. Bong and blunts have built a reputation for themselves, endearing cannabis lovers to their unique qualities, but what happens when you have a bong lover and a blunt lover trying to convince you of choosing what they like?

We'd say going for one ultimately boils down to your personal choice really. However, one or two opinions and comparisons wouldn't hurt, would it? If you happen to be new to the world of cannabis and you'd like to decide which of these winners to go for.

Bong and Blunt: What are they?

First, let's handle the bong.

The name bong is an adaptation of the Thai word bong or baung, meaning cylindrical wooden pipe carved from bamboo and in English, it's known as a water pipe. So, a bong is a filtering device commonly used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other herbal substances.

A blunt, on the other hand, is a hollowed-out cigar in which the tobacco has been substituted with marijuana. One can use tobacco leaf wrappers to roll them.

The following factors highlight the pros and cons of a bong and blunt:


In the case of compactness, a blunt has a few advantages over a bong. If you're a blunt smoker, you don't need any fancy equipment, like a pipe, bong, or vaporiser; all you need is a rolling paper, a filter tip, a little cannabis, and that's about all of it. You're free to roll and light one up almost anywhere.

On the flip side, it's impossible to have your bong in your pocket all day and carry it around, which makes blunts far superior for smoking on the go.

Having said that, bongs are often used in smaller gatherings or for a single session. They are not portable, and being stopped with one may result in a paraphernalia charge in several jurisdictions.  


You don't need any unique tool to take care of a blunt; simply keep and bring it out when it's time; when it falls, pick it up.

As for a bong, one needs to be extra careful. Clumsy smokers might not find using bongs enjoyable; it is more likely to be dropped or shattered. Being mindful makes sense if you have spent a significant amount of money on a high-quality piece of glass complete with customised bong accessories.

Herb use

Blunts take a lot more cannabis than a bong, and it may be a little wasteful if you don't fancy filters. Unless you have a good amount of weed in store, it might not take long before it finishes. In contrast, bongs use less weed to produce an even higher effect.  

Effect rate

Smoking a bong offers numerous advantages over smoking a joint. Unlike blunts, bongs are much more efficient in delivering a potent high in fewer hits, producing a higher level of intoxication with the same amount of marijuana.

This is because the components ensure that less smoke is lost, so the cannabinoids reach your bloodstream more efficiently instead of staying in your lungs, causing you to become high. Therefore for starters, bongs are ideal for getting a hard-hitting high. You take in a lot of THC with each hit, which means it won't take too many to get you high.


Blunts afford you the privacy that a bong cannot.  A bong is only helpful and frequently used alone in sessions or in smaller gatherings, or for a single session. They're not portable, and being stopped with one may result in a paraphernalia charge.

Also, let's assume you're at a party and want to smoke some marijuana with a bong; eyes might be on you, and people are going to feel left out unless you bring enough for people to smoke out the entire party. Whereas, when you're with a blunt, it's far simpler to camouflage and keep your stuff in your pocket.

Although many people prefer blunts in this situation because they are easier to pass around and dispose of in a hurry, some individuals will argue all day that nothing rivals the pure flavour of a glass pipe wherever they might be.


If you're not one who looks at price tags for your desired smoking experience, you might want to go for a bong. They range between £20 to £300, from a small silicone bong to accessorised and popular bongs. On the other hand, Blunts can be found online or in shops for less than £5 each.


Apart from being inexpensive, blunt wraps are widely accessible, and they come in a variety of tastes. There is no shortage of flavours, from traditional grape to chicken, waffles, classic sweet, banana, peach, pia colada, and more.

With a blunt, you're free to tailor your smoking experience using your preferred flavour, which you can't do with a bong.

Smoking experience

Blunts have no effect or set-up that helps purify your smoke or filter out undesirable chemicals and substances. This could make the smoke rather harsh when it enters your lungs, which is why you might find yourself coughing, or your throat burning a bit when smoking.

How about a bong?

A bong consists of a bowl for packing weed, a base for filling with water, a stem and a mouthpiece. The stem is meant for the smoke to flow through and the mouthpiece for taking a deep dose of the marijuana smoke.

A bong does an excellent job purifying the smoke you eventually inhale because it passes through water. As it does, more pollutants and chemicals are filtered out, and your smoke will be cooler to inhale. 


It's safe to say that a bong and a blunt have their pros and cons; however, suiting the needs of those who use them.

We hope that this has helped you. Which of these tools are you going for? Feel free to share your thoughts; we'd like to hear them.

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