Crafty Vs Mighty Vaporizer

Crafty Vs Mighty Vaporizer

Storz & Bickel has made a name for itself by creating quality vaporizers that have impressed vapers for decades. The brand has made its biggest impact with its desktop vaporizers. But its portable options have left quite the impression as well.

The Crafty and the Mighty Vaporizer are the most popular out of this brand’s range. The two devices are similar in many ways. Understandably, vapers might find it challenging to choose between the two. In this comparison, we look at the similarities and the differences between the two devices in a bid to help you choose a device that would serve you better.

Vaping Experience

Vapers will forego all the bells and whistles for a device that offers an amazing vaping experience. It's the main reason why vapers get a vaporizer.

Storz & Bickel has done an excellent job of making devices that produce excellent vapour quality that is flavoursome and smooth. Both devices focus on the extraction of the terpenes and the goodness of the herbs instead of focusing on how fast the device heats up.

Both devices use hybrid heating, which incorporates conduction and convection heating. Using the convention method, the device first toasts the herbs to ensure even distribution of heat. Conduction heating blows the heat towards the end of the session, ensuring you don't leave any terpenes or flavour lingering in the herb. This unique heating approach ensures you get every ounce of flavour and aroma out of your herb.


The Mighty and Crafty have a striking difference when it comes to portability and pocketability. While both devices are portable, only one is pocketable. You realize this when you try to fit the Mighty into your pocket.

The Crafty is a smaller device and is also more lightweight. The Mighty weighs an astounding 8 ounces and is also bigger. If discreteness and pocket-ability are a priority for you, the Crafty is a more suitable vaporiser for you.

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The Mighty is perfect for vapers that will use it loud and proud and don’t mind having a chunky device in their hands. Some vapers will even try to make the case that the Mighty is not a true portable vaporiser. But that is up to you to decide.

Battery Power and Heat-Up Times

Battery power is another obvious difference between the two vaporisers. The Mighty is not just big in size. It also has a big battery. The battery holds twice the battery power using two 2600 Li-Ion batteries compared to the Crafty.

The larger batteries mean you have longer and more quality sessions out of the device. The Mighty will give you at least 10 sessions. The Crafty will only deliver around half.

Heating time is another area that calls for scrutiny. The Mighty, with its larger batteries, will easily reach 2000C in about one minute. The Crafty needs about three minutes to get to the same temperature.

However, the delay in heating time in both devices is by design to ensure you get enough vapour production. The wait, although seemingly long, is worth it.

Away from the battery life and heating times, the Crafty uses a USB charger. It might be a little slower, but it is more compatible and easier to find a replacement. The USB also works with external battery chargers, which helps to mitigate the poor battery life.

The Mighty uses a 110 Volt DC Plug. It's slightly harder to find a replacement for the power cable, but the charging time is shorter. It also helps that the Mighty comes with pass-through charging, which allows you to vape as the device is charging.

Design and Ease of Use

The S&B brand has a knack for having the most elaborate technology in their devices, and the Mighty and Crafty are not any different. This approach ensures the best vapour production. While the details under the casing might be complex, the interface is fairly simple, easy to use and straightforward to understand. There's no fuss with the buttons, and the operations don't have an aggressively steep learning curve which you might find in other vaporisers.

The Crafty has a single power button. You can use this to switch n the vape. Once it reaches 1800C, the device will vibrate, notifying you can start vaping. You can double-click the power button to enter boost mode, which speeds up the heating time.

The Crafty also comes with remote control through a smartphone app. The Mighty takes the same easy operation approach. It has specific temperature control, which is clearly marked with + and – arrows. Using these controls, you can set the temperatures you want to vape. You can also adjust the timers and the temperature units for a more tailored experience.  

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