How a Vaporiser Works?

How a Vaporiser Works?

Over the past decade, herb vaporisers have increased in popularity and vaping has become the best method of cannabis consumption for millions of vapers around the world..

Have you ever wondered why people choose to vape over smoking?

People choose to vape because it proves to be a healthier alternative to smoking and it gives a smooth experience for cannabis consumption.

Got it?

Those benefits may interest you but you may still ask- what is a

herb vaporiser and how does it work? This post will answer your question and clear your doubts about vaping. Keep reading:

What is a vaporiser?

A herb vaporiser is an apparatus designed to heat herbs or concentrate. For vapers, it's a device used to vaporise cannabis. THC, a cannabinoid in cannabis when consumed gives a psychoactive or produces a 'high' effect.

Cannabis can be used recreationally or medicinally because it has a lot of health benefits.  Smoking and vaping are methods of extracting THC and other cannabinoids out of the herb.

Both of them provide an instant effect.Cannabinoids and the other compounds in the smoke are ingested through the lungs and any excess is released into the air.

Some people prefer smoking and some prefer vaping but it's best to  get these:

- A vaper's experience with a herb vaporiser is different from a smoker smoking a joint or pipe.

- Vaping does not burn herbs.

Cannabis vaporiser uses heat to vaporise THC without burning it; this means the temperatures in vaporising are lower, creating a smooth experience upon inhalation and reducing cannabis waste produced.

The most important difference between vaping and smoking is how clean the former feels.

So, let's get down to how a vaporiser works.

How does a vaporiser work?

A herb vaporiser operates on a battery-powered heating chamber to bring out heat. At the press of a button or sometimes, a simple inhalation, the heating chamber vaporises herb.

Usually, the heating element is ceramic, the herb is placed in the chamber, and this chamber can be made out of many materials. Some common materials used include stainless steel, glass and ceramic.

Heat makes the THC in the herb starts vaporising at around 100°C(230°F) The heating element can respond quickly when turned on that's why this temperature can be reached almost immediately.

How to choose a vaporiser

Consider the following questions when selecting a vaporiser::

  • What type of cannabis product will I use?
  • Where will I be using my vaporiser?
  • Do I want a vaporiser with lower maintenance, a single-use option or can I regularly clean a reusable one?

Benefits of using vaporisers 

Different types of cannabis vaporisers can be used for various purposes- from medical to recreational and some for religious ceremonies.

Using vaporiser apparatus is helpful for people that use cannabis for medicinal purposes because they efficiently deliver the medicine to the person using it. Vapourizer increases the amount of THC you get out of herb; it heats the herb efficiently.

Smokers are not liable to get much THC out of their herb as they would get from a vaporiser. This is because smoking herbs does not allow the THC to dissolve; instead, it burns it. This is the main reason why many consumers prefer vaporisers as an alternative to smoking.

Moreover, a herb vaporiser is free from many of the toxins found in smoke. This makes it healthier and safer than the methods used in smoking herb, fewer toxins will enter the body if someone inhales vapour instead of smoking it.

Herb vaporisers are not the same, but some are better at extracting THC from cannabis than others.You will know more about this as you read about various herb vaporisers and their unique quality.

Types of vaporisers

Different types of vaporisers have been produced, whjch you can use according to your purpose. Different one of them include:

- Portable dry herb vaporisers: A portable dry herb vaporiser vaporises cannabis flowers or other dried herbs. Not all vaporisers can vaporise both cannabis and concentrate.

This kind of vaporiser is common among people that use cannabis for medical purposes because it is easy to use and discreet. It can also be discreetly used in public.

- Portable wax vaporisers: A portable wax herb vaporiser is used to vaporise hash oil. Hash oil is a sticky substance that is gotten from the cannabis plant.

This extracted cannabis substance has high concentrations of THC which make it easier to produce a high when consumed.

This vaporiser can be used with any type of hash oil, including budder, wax and shatter. A portable wax vaporiser is popular among recreational users of cannabis because it permits easy, quick and portable vape sessions.

510-Thread Vape pens: This is also a popular method of vaping. This is done by using prefilled THC oil cartridges that are often compatible with 510-thread batteries.

Compact, small and at an affordable price.

510-thread vape is the perfect addition to your vaporiser collection.

How to use a vaporiser?

Get started with your vaporiser by following the steps below:

  • Grind up your herb: grinding up your herb makes it vaporise easily. And it helps you to get the best out of your herb. Put the herb in the vaporiser: load the ground herb in a vaporiser, and switch it on.
  • Attach your mouthpiece and inhale: if your vaporiser has a mouthpiece, attach it.

How to care for your vaporiser

The cost of maintenance of your vaporiser varies by device. Some vape pens (Disposable), which are designed for single-use should be stored in a cool, dry place and stored upright (advisably in a case).

Avoid overcharging or depleting your battery as it can reduce the lifespan of your battery and also, lean the coil with a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol.

Also, clean your pen's mouthpiece regularly, it can be soaked in alcohol and  If you're done with it, you can recycle it.

For a reusable vaporiser used for flower or concentrate, you'll need to clean it regularly. Soaking the non-electric component in isopropyl alcohol will keep your vapour tasting fresh and help decrease resin.

A reusable vaporiser should also be stored in a cool, dry place, where it can't be knocked to the ground.

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