How Long Does a Geek Bar Last?

How Long Does a Geek Bar Last?

Disposable bars are all the rage right now, and Geek Bar is the most popular. With Disposable vapes, you can enjoy stress-free and maintenance-free vaping. They are so easy to use that even first-time users shouldn’t have a problem using them – hence their popularity.

Geek bars, like other disposable vapes, come pre-filled and pre-charged. Unfortunately, that means you can only use them for a limited period. With that in mind, knowing how long your Geek Bar will last becomes a critical factor. It ensures you know when to replace it, so you don’t go several days without one while waiting for a replacement.

How Long Will A Geek Bar Last?

Several factors determine how long your Geek Bar will last. These factors include:


Disposable vape batteries are among the most critical factors when determining how long a Geek Bar or any other disposable vape will last. The batter powers the device, and in most disposable vapes, you can't recharge the battery. The batteries in Geek Bars are set to run out at almost the same time as the juice, so you don’t lose out on any of your vape juice.

Tank capacity

How much vape juice a disposable vape holds determines how long you can vape. Geek Bar holds 2ml of vape juice, while the Geek Bar Lite carries 1.8mls. Although both Geek Bars have equal nicotine concentration, the one with lower vape juice quantity is likely to run out sooner than the Geek Bar with 2ml. Geek Bars with 2ml of e-liquid can last 400-500 puffs, while one with 1.8ml will last for about 400 puffs.

Vaping frequency

Most Geek Bars carry a small capacity that lasts three to five days. However, the device might last longer or shorter depending on how you use it. With frequent vapers, the device runs out faster than with more casual vapers.

Length of the draw

The length of a draw can have a significant effect on the longevity of disposable vapes. Longer draws consume more e-liquid with each puff, and the e-liquid runs out faster.


Keeping your disposable vape near room temperature can prolong the life of your device’s battery life. Like car engines, disposable vapes with cold batteries require more power to heat up and function properly than one that has warmed up. Storing your disposable vape between 15-250C reduces the energy required to achieve optimal functioning. If the device is cold, hold it in your hand for several minutes to warm it up before using it to get a few more vapes.

How Many Puffs Are in  A Geek Bar?

The best answer to the question of how long a Geek Bar lasts is best answered by determining how many puffs are in a Geek Bar.

The standard Geek Bar puff count is at least 575 puffs. It’s quite a surprise given the compact and miniature size of the device. The puff count is based on lab testing with puffs of 1.5 seconds. If you choose to take deep, prolonged draws, you will naturally get fewer puffs from the same device.

The slightly downsized Geek Bar Lite has a lower puff count of about 350-400. The battery and the e-liquid content on the Geek Bar Lite is reduced hence the lower puff count. You’ll also find the Geek Bar Lite has a lower price and is perfect for casual vapers that are just getting started.

How Long Should a Geek Bar Last You in Days?

On average, a Geek Bar should last between 1-3 days, depending on how much you use the Geek Bar. For most vapers, the average is about 1-2 days, excluding those who take really huge puffs that deplete their Geek Bar e-liquids faster.

How Do You Know When Geek Bars Run Out?

It’s not enough to know how long your Geek Bar will last. The exact time it is exhausted differs. That’s why it’s more important to know how to tell when your Geek Bar runs out.

When the device runs out, you will get a flashing light at the bottom of the device that indicates that it has run out of battery. If the device still fires, but the vapour tastes burnt, the liquid has run out.

For Geek bars, when you cannot puff anything out, the device is empty. Unlike other vape pods, Geek Bars deliver a satisfying, tasty vape right to the last drop, which is impressive.

Can You Re-Use a Disposable Vape Pen?

Disposable vape pens are just that: disposable. You might find uncanny ways to refill and recharge Geek bars online. Even though you might succeed, the processes are incredibly messy and risky.

Also, the coil of the Geek Bar declines in performance once it goes through its full lifecycle. For the best experience, it’s best to dispose of the Geek Bar or send it for recycling once you use up all of the oil.  

Can You Recycle Geek Bars?

The disposable vape industry has made considerable strides in the recent past in terms of recycling programs. Users can now discard their devices responsibly and effectively in select drop boxes at various retailers. These recycling programs are merits to the industry and provide vapers with a safe and eco-friendly method of disposing of their spent Geek Bars.

Final Thoughts

Running out of vape juice or battery charge is the only thing you have to worry about with disposable vapes. Luckily, knowing when your Geek Bar runs out is relatively easy. And because they’re affordable, you can purchase several to ensure you never worry about running out of your favourite Geek Bar.  

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