How much nicotine is in a geek bar?

How much nicotine is in a geek bar?

Wanting to know how much nicotine is in a geek bar is a familiar story. You have been a fan of geek bars, you know they contain nicotine, but you start to worry about how much nicotine they contain. You want to know if the amount of nicotine in geek bars is healthy.

You have heard the news a million times about nicotine being significantly much in disposable vaporizers, but you want to know if this is true for geek vape; read on as this question is answered.

Geek bars have been a fantastic product since geek bar was showcased in the market about a year ago. They are one of the best vaping product collections manufactured by the GeekVape industry.

What makes geek bars so unique?

Geek bars have gotten your taste buds, and it has about 20 flavours for you to choose from, think I'm exaggerating? Check it out. There are more interesting facts about geek bars.

The tiny size of Geek bars makes it pocket friendly and has a long-lasting battery of 500mAh, producing over 500 puffs. With all these features, geek bars are sold at cheap rates; they are priced at around £4-£5.

Geek bars are safe when you get them from the GeekVape industry. They are one of the best, and they are well known as a trusted firm that produces advanced vaporizers with the mind of giving quality even at a lesser price.

We are almost there, the long-awaited answer, but before then, what is nicotine? Is there a rule governing how much nicotine is added to vaporizers? Let's find that out shortly.

Nicotine is an alkaloid of the organic group of amines. It is found in tobacco leaves. It is produced in the burning of cigarettes.

Strictly speaking, you must be well assured that no vaping company produces anything without it being checked out by TPD(Tobacco Product Directive). TPD is a body recognized and stamped by the EU that authorizes vaping products.

This helps you know that some rules and regulations are being considered for your health's sake before any industry showcases its product in the market. However, the product must satisfy the following rules before it is considered legal for sale:

  • The tank's capacity must not exceed 2ml
  • A nicotine warning sticker must be placed on the tank.
  • The bottle not must be more than 10ml
  • The strength of the nicotine added must not exceed 20 mg/mL
  • The bottle cap must be childproof with nozzles that limit the flow of the liquid.
  • The pack should consist of leaflets with information and warning about vapes.

With this rule being stated, you would have realized that any vaping product you use, including geek vape, follows the rule to give you nothing but the best.

Let's rewind; with all this, how much nicotine is then in a geek bar?

A geek bar must contain only 20 mg/mL with the rule given. This rule implies that a 1mL capacity geek vape must have just 20 mg of nicotine, 2mL to 40mg, etc.

However, this rule varies from country to country. There are three varieties of geek bars: standard, lite, and pro geek bars. The standard and the lite geek bars comply with the 20mg/mL rule, but the pro doesn't.

This difference in regulation is why the pro geek vape is prohibited in the UK, but they are allowed in the US because their rules are different. With this being said, have you ever thought of geek bars as being harmful? Let's find that out.

Vaporizer devices can be helpful as a harm reduction strategy. According to a survey, for every million smokers who replace regular models with electronics, more than 6,000 lives are saved per year.

Also, instead of combustion, which is the mode in which ordinary cigarettes operate, the principle in vaping is vaporization. The Nicotine dosage varies by the manufacturer depending on the country's regulation.

An electronic cigarette consists of three parts: a lithium battery, the module, or atomizer, which regulates the heating; and then refill, or a cartridge, which stores the nicotine diluted in solvents.

There's good news.

The good news is that, unlike traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain tar (which finances heart attacks) or carbon monoxide (carcinogenic). However, they both contain nicotine.

Yes, nicotine. But guess what? The regulation made by the Tobacco Product Directive has made sure that nicotine in every vaping product is minimal, which reduces the harmful effects of nicotine drastically.

E-cigarettes maintain users' exposure to nicotine, often at levels better than regular cigarettes. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance, but with e-cigarettes, this has been taken care of.

In conclusion, nicotine in geek bars is 20 mg/mL. Following the rules and regulations of TPD(Tobacco Products Detective), geek vapes are the best compared to ordinary cigarettes.

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