How to Clean A Dab Rig?

How to Clean A Dab Rig?

Once in a while, smokers like to take a break from smoking herbs and try out waxes. Like a bong or a vaporiser, the dab rig you use also needs regular cleaning to keep the device functioning at its best at all times. If you have been dabbing and the quality of the vapour has degraded, giving the rig a good scrub could restore balance.

Why Should You Clean a Dab Rig?

Dab rigs are very similar to bongs. They filter the concentrate vapour through the water. Cleaning the dab rig regularly not only keeps it looking great and sharp it also helps to get rid of the bacteria and fungi that might grow inside the rig because of the stagnant water.

It’s highly recommended to change the water every time you use the rig. It will make it easier to clean the dab rig later and keep you from inhaling pathogens and yeast that form inside unclean water.

What You’ll Need to Clean the Dab Rig

Here are a few items you will need to clean the dab rig. Have them assembled in front of you to make the cleaning process easier and faster:

  • The dirty nail and rig
  • A torch
  • 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol)
  • A large sealable plastic bag or container
  • Cotton swabs
  • Coarse sea salt

Cleaning the Dab Rig Step-by-step

Torch the nail

The simplest way to clean the dab nail is to heat it using a torch. It burns off all the residual carbon. If the residual is minimal, torching the nail should be enough to eliminate all of it. For added precaution, you can clean the surface of the nail using cotton soaked in alcohol after the torching process.

Soak the nail

If the nail has substantial build-up and torching it is not enough, you can place it in a sealable container or plastic bag and let it soak in alcohol for a while. Adding salt and agitating the bag regularly can help to get the gunk off.

Empty the rig

Now that the nail is spik and span, you can shift your focus to the rig. Pour out the water inside the rig.

Add alcohol

Fill the base of the rig with 99% isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. For deeper cleaning, add coarse sea salt until it covers the bottom of the base.


Cover all the holes of the rig. You can use your hands or standard-size caps or plugs. Shake the rig vigorously to loosen and dissolve the reclaim build-up.


After clearing the reclaim from the rig and nail, rinse them thoroughly with warm water. Shake the rig lightly to remove any remaining reclaim and excess water, then leave them to dry or use a paper towel if you want to use them almost immediately.

The Bottom Line

Cleaning your dab rig properly and regularly can ensure you enjoy quality vapour always. It will also prevent you from inhaling the pathogens and bacteria and build up inside the rig because of the stagnant. You should also make sure you constantly change the water inside the rig before every use.

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