Mighty Vaporizer Review

Mighty Vaporizer Review

In the world of portable vaporisers, the Mighty Vaporizer stands tall in all aspects. It is bigger, performs better, and delivers a better experience. This is despite the Mighty being around for over six years.

The Mighty Vaporizer has been such a dominant force in the portable vaporiser market that every time a new and powerful vaporiser has been released, vapers have wondered whether it would be the "Mighty Killer." Although many strong performers have been released after The Mighty, none has managed to dethrone The Mighty as the greatest portable vaporiser in the market.

Mighty Vaporizer Background

The Mighty Vaporizer is designed and manufactured by the popular and respected German vape manufacturer Storz & Bickel, who is also behind the creation of other industry gold standards like the Plenty Vaporizer and the highly acclaimed Volcano Classic and Volcano Hybrid vaporizers.

Initially, the Mighty was released in 2014, and even back then, the device left the vaping world in awe. In 2018, S&B gave the Mighty a slight upgrade which is what dominates the market at the moment and the focus of this review.

The Mighty combines efficient convection and conduction heating to deliver tasty and smooth hits. The phenomenal performance of the Mighty ensures that even if you try another portable vaporizer after the Mighty, you will still long for what the Mighty provides.

Manufacturing Quality

The very first feature that every vaper worries about when buying a new vaporiser is the manufacturing quality. Storz & Bickel has never given vapers a reason to doubt their quality, and they are not about to start.

The Mighty is designed and built to the highest standards in line with what Storz & Bickel is known for. The Mighty has an industrial design that looks quite hardy and intimidating, giving you the confidence that a few drops and knocks are not enough to cause the device to malfunction or stop working.

The exterior of the Mighty is made from hard, high-quality plastic. S&B has also included a strong accessory kit with the device to ensure you have everything you need to get started with the device as soon as you receive it. These include a charger, replacement screen, spare O-rings, filling tool, a liquid pad, dosing capsule, a plastic grinder, a cleaning brush and a comprehensive manual.

Should you have any problems with The Mighty vaporiser, S&B has a strong warranty and reputable customer service that will ensure your problem is sorted as quickly as possible.

How The Mighty Vaporizer Works

The Mighty is a straightforward device to use. It works best with medium to finely ground herb packed down slightly in the chamber.

You can access the chamber by twisting off the cooling unit and the mouthpiece. After packing the chamber, the Mighty is ready to go. Replace the mouthpiece, then press and hold down the power button to turn on the device.

You can use the + and – buttons to adjust the temperature. The Mighty has a quick heat-up time of about 90 seconds. Once the device hits the desired temperature, you simply inhale and you're good to go.

Each bowl on The Mighty gives you about 10-15 solid draws before you need to refill it. When you purchase the Mighty, it comes with a loading tool to make the packing process easier.

Temperature Flexibility

Temperature flexibility is a critical factor to consider when buying a portable vaporiser. The Mighty has a vast temperature range ranging from 40 to 2100C, with the option of adjusting the temperature anywhere in between.

Using this impressive temperature control feature, you have complete control of your vaping experience and you can fine-tune it whichever way you please.  

Vapour Quality

Vapour quality is the reason The Mighty has such a highly regarded name. It is credited and widely successful because it has stellar vapour quality. The hybrid heating system takes most of the credit for extracting the most out of your dry herbs and delivering a dense, satisfying and powerful vapour.

It’s not just the quantity of the vapour that is commendable but also its smoothness. The Mighty has a unique cooling unit that ensures you get cool and smooth vapour. There are very few devices in the market with such smooth vapour without giving up other critical performance features.

One surprising aspect about the Mighty is that it has plastic parts around the mouthpiece. Surprisingly, these don't seem to affect the flavour of the vapour in any way and ensure you get that terpene-rich taste.

For an even better experience, you can pair the Mighty with a water pipe adapter which delivers even better performance. With the attachment, you can take giant rips from the water piece. You can also use the Mighty with concentrates, and the experience is more or less the same. The only downside is that you can use the higher temperatures with waxes and resins, which restricts the performance of the device within this range.

Mighty Vaporizer Battery Life

From the beginning, the Mighty had an impressive battery. But with the 2018 upgrade, the battery life got a boost and now offers 20% battery life which easily translates to 1-2 extra puffs out of a full charge.

The battery on the Mighty easily delivers up to 10 sessions per charge when using medium-high temperature settings. For those long excursions or camping trips where you might not have access to a socket for an extended period, the strong battery on the Mighty proves critical.

The Mighty battery is not removable, which is a slight disadvantage. But it should last you about five years before you need to send the device back to the manufacturer for servicing and fitting with a new battery.

The Mighty has a pass-through feature which is quite a handy addition. It allows you to keep vaping while the device is charging, which takes about 2 hours.


As mentioned earlier, the Mighty stands tall in aspects, including size. The Mighty is quite chunky for a portable device compared to most units in the same class. It might not fit in most pockets, but you can carry it in a backpack or jacket pocket instead.

However, the size does come with a few benefits. Among them is the easier to load dosing capsules. The Mighty makes an excellent device for times when an average miniature portable vaporiser might be short-handed and for heavy vapers who want a desktop-like performance on the road.

Ease of Use

Although the Mighty is a sophisticated device with spectacular features and performance, it remains easy to use and get the hang of. There is no special draw technique required when using the Mighty. There are no technical features like Bluetooth apps or other features that might make the device a challenge to use. The Mighty is as simple as they come.

It comes with all the tools you need, and loading it up is fast and easy. The cleaning process is just as easy. The cooling unit might take a bit more time to clean out, but that is not something you need to do daily.

The Mighty was designed with medical herb users in mind. That makes it easy for all people to use, even if they have fine motor or dexterity problems. All the Mighty asks for in return for the excellent performance and flavour and vapour production is that you keep up with the maintenance to ensure the device is working as it should and prolong its service life. Regularly cleaning the device is vital to keep the gunk and dirt buildup at bay and prevent clogging and damage to the heating elements.

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