Volcano Classic Review

Volcano Classic Review

The Volcano Classic is easily one of the most popular desktop herb vaporizers in the market, and it also comes from the most highly acclaimed vaporizer manufacturer – Storz and Bickel. Over the years, this brand has manufactured a line of high-quality, high-performance vaporisers that have cemented its position as a leading brand in the vaping world.

The Volcano Classic is a testament to the quality that Storz and Bickel have come to be known for and their ingenuity in building world-class vaporizers ahead of their years. If you've been around long enough, you know that the Volcano Classic was released in 1999 and is still highly sought-after. That says something about its build and performance.

Vapour Quality

Given the age of the Volcano Classic, you would expect a lot of the new products on the market to really outshine this device, considering how far technology has come in this field. But, the Volcano remains one of the best performers in most categories.

It delivers one of the smoother, flavourful, and most potent clouds with both concentrates and dry herb. The device achieves this level of performance because of its high-quality, food-grade materials and the use of pure convection heating, which increases the surface area for enhanced heat distribution.

Most desktop vapers consider the Volcano Classic the "gold standard" of desktop vaporisers, and rightfully so. The Classic delivers the desired experience and vapour for every type of vaper. The clever use of the balloon assembly makes the device more versatile for group sessions while ensuring each vaper has full control of how much they take in using this setup.

Manufacturing Quality

The manufacturing quality of the Volcano Classic is impeccable. It is one of the few devices that has immaculately stood up to the test of time.

Most of the vapers that bought the device over 10 years ago still have it in use and haven’t replaced a single thing. It’s almost impossible to talk about the Classic without mentioning its sheer durability. This has become the trademark for the Storz and Bickel brand, whose products are highly rated in terms of build quality.

Besides the build quality, the device also packs a wide selection of the accessories that include 5 balloons, an easy valve adapter, mouthpiece, herb grinder, cleaning brush, screens, air filter and concentrate pad. With the Classic, you have a sturdy, versatile device with everything you need for many years of satisfactory vaping.

Temperature Flexibility

This is where the Volcano Classic falters slightly. But considering the device was designed and manufactured over 20 years ago, it still does well for itself.

The Classic doesn't have incremental temperature control. However, it does have a dial that allows you to tune the temperature.

The temperature dial isn't that accurate and works on a simple principle. The higher the dial, the hotter the vapour is. For most vapers that have used the Classic, the sweet spot is around the 7-8 setting. But it’s all about preference.


It's important to note that the Volcano Classic is a desktop vaporiser. It is not designed to be portable because you can to be close to a power outlet. However, you have to commend the genius construction and addition of the balloon device, which means you can fill it with vapour and take puffs as you move around. That is as close to portability as the Classic goes.

Ease of use

For such an excellent piece of engineering, the Volcano is surprisingly easy to use. The designers of the device ensured everything was as close to the basics as possible without taking away adjustability and elegance.

You just need to turn the device on, load the chamber, let the balloon fill and inhale. It might take a couple of sessions to master the routine, but even then, you shouldn’t find too much trouble trying to figure your way around the device.

Cleaning the device is just as easy. The herb chamber and screen don't get too dirty, and the cleaning brush that comes with the device does an easy job of getting all the dirt out in a few quick brushes. Even when you’re feeling too lazy to clean the device, it still delivers incredibly well. But this shouldn’t be a reason not to keep up with the cleaning schedule.

How It Works!

The Classic shines in a lot of areas. The one area where it doesn't do well is the heat-up time. It takes quite a while to heat up.

You can save yourself some time by turning the device on, choosing your heat setting, then proceeding to remove the chamber and pack it as the device continues to heat up. 

Once the device is all toasty, you can attach the balloon before starting the pump. The balloon will be filled with flavourful vapour in no time. Remove it and turn off the fan, or attach another bag. That's about it. You're all set!

Overall Experience

The Volcano Classic can boast of remaining relevant for over 20 years and still be better than most modern devices.

It hits harder than most, has exceptional performance and will satisfy the needs of the most demanding and seasoned vapers.

The price might be a little deep for most pockets, and the bags might need replacement after about 500 refills. Still, the vaporiser lasts forever, so you won’t need to think about replacement unless your vaping tendencies change and you’re looking for something different.

Who Is It For?

The Classic is the ultimate device for brand-loyalists looking for a device that will stand the test of time and want the best of the best. Over the years, the Classic has built a reputation as a medical-grade device, delivering ultimate vapour quality and exceptional performance. It’s the perfect device for the most seasoned vapers who know what they want and want a device that can deliver consistently for a long time.

Closing Remarks

The Volcano Classic has done well for itself. It has impressed a lot of vapers and continues to over 20 years after it was manufactured. Although priced higher than most of its competitors, the device has proven unbreakable and long-lasting. It will definitely prove to be worth its value.  

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