Why Do Bongs Get You Higher?

Why Do Bongs Get You Higher?

Recently, there has been a mass exodus by herb lovers from smoking joints, blunts and pipes to using bongs. Not only are bongs known for their cool aesthetics and cool smoke, most herb lovers vow bongs have a stronger hit compared to other methods of smoking. Although you are smoking the same herb, bongs indeed get you higher than other smoking herb methods.

Bongs can deliver faster, more powerful and more intense highs than most other smoking methods. There are several reasons for this:


One of the purposes a bong serves is filtration. Typically, lighting a plant on fire produces many toxins. When using a pipe, blunt or joint, these toxins are a part of the smoke, reducing the amount of active compounds you inhale.

In a bong, the smoke has to go through water which is a natural filter. The toxins are removed from the smoke ensuing you only inhale the required cannabinoids from the smoke. This also means you inhale more active compounds in every rip.

The Cooling effect

Water has two roles in a bong. The first is to filter the smoke, and the other is to cool the smoke. Naturally, the smoke is very hot when using joints, pipes, or blunts. The high temperatures make the smoke harsh on your throat. To prevent the harsh throat feeling, you can only take short and shallow inhales.

In a bong, when the smoke hits the water, it cools down. Some bongs even have extra features like percolators that cool the smoke even more. Combined with the large chambers that bongs have, you can take longer and deeper draws allowing you to inhale more active compounds for a more intense high. The cooler smoke is gentle on your throat, allowing you to inhale large volumes of smoke comfortably. The amount of smoke you inhale is directly proportional to the active compounds you inhale.

How to Hit a Bong Correctly for the Most Optimal High

Although just having a bong is enough to get you higher than using other smoking methods, you can optimise the experience to get the most out of your bong.

The first tip is getting the right amount of water in the base of the bong. When the water is too little, there’s not enough filtration in the chamber and the smoke doesn’t cool down properly. That means you can’t take big rips. If the water is too much, it will sputter when you try to inhale.

You can also enhance your bong experience by using other cooling agents like ice that deliver an even cooler smoke for deeper and longer draws.

Taking huge rips at once will get you very high very fast. But if you want a faster-acting but mild high, you can take small hits quickly.

In search of a high, it’s important to know your tolerance level to keep the experience as comfortable and as likeable as possible. To determine your tolerance, take small hits one at a time and check how you feel in ten minutes. You can then adjust accordingly from there.

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