Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Elf Bar Taste Burnt?

Burnt vape juice is one of the foulest points you can experience as a vaper. It’s so distinct you won’t miss it. Elf Bars and other disposable vapes reduce the chances of such an experience, but still, you might come across it and determining the cause could save you from further unpleasantness. Several reasons could result in an Elf Bar producing a burnt taste. These include:

A dried-out wick

For Elf Bars, a dried-out wick is the most common reason for the burnt taste. It sounds complicated if you’re not conversant with how electronic vapes work, but it’s a straightforward phenomenon.

The Elf Bar has a wicking system that transfers the vape juice to the heating element or coil. If the wick doesn’t soak up enough vape juice, you get that burn taste. There’re several reasons for a dried-out wick:

  • Not enough vape juice – As the vape juice in your Elf Bar is running out, you'll notice the flavour taking a burnt or seared edge. As the vape juice in the Elf Bar runs out, the wick doesn’t get enough, yet the heating element gets enough power from the battery. The result is a burnt taste, also called a dry hit.
  • Vaping rapidly – When you vape frequently, you don’t allow enough time for the wick to soak enough vape juice. This is one of the causes of dry hits or that burnt taste. You should allow a few seconds between draws to give the wick time to soak enough vape liquid.

Damaged coils

Elf Bars rely on heating coils to vaporise the vape liquid. If the Elf Bar is passed its due date or you have been using it longer than recommended, the coils can seize, resulting in a burnt taste.

Every vaper will tell you that a dry hit is not something they want to experience again. Luckily, there’s something you can do to prevent the burnt taste depending on what is causing it.

How Do I Fix When My Elf Bar Tastes Burnt

You can fix the burnt taste on your Elf Bar in several ways, depending on the cause of the dry hit.

Regulate your draws

Taking too many draws within a short time is a leading cause for Elf Bars tasting burnt. This is common among new vapers that understand how e-cigs work. Chain vaping or taking too many puffs will kill the coils and permanently damage your Elf Bar because its coils are not replaceable.

When you take a puff from the Elf Bar that tastes burnt, and you’re sure the device has enough vape juice, leave it for a few minutes. Allow the cotton wick to soak enough vape liquid to sustain a good puff. If you attempt to take another hit too soon, you’ll probably shed the cotton completely, and once that’s done, you’re stuck with the burnt taste even after the wick re-saturates.

After every draw, give the device 10-15 seconds for the wick to re-saturate before taking another puff. It will prolong the life of your Elf Bar and save you from a bad experience.

Tilt your device upside down to re-soak the cotton

If your Elf Bar still tastes burnt after giving the cotton time to saturate, tilt the device around slightly to allow the cotton to saturate up more. It’s possible the e-liquid levels are running low, and your wick is having trouble reaching the vape juice. By tilting the device, the wick can better saturate and give better hits.

Let the Elf Bar sit for longer

At this point, chances are your Elf Bar is as good as done. But don’t throw it out just yet. Get a new Elf Bar and let the old one sit for a day. The extra time will allow the wick to soak up whatever is left and give you a few last draws before sending the device for recycling.

Check the LED light

Elf Bars have a handy blue LED light that blinks when the vape juice is about to run out. Pay attention while vaping to see if the light is blinking. If it is, it’s a good idea to get a new Elf Bar to save yourself from the dry hits.


In rare cases, you only purchased the device recently, and it’s already tasting burnt. Contact the company if you’ve tried all the tips above and the burnt taste won’t go away. It’s possible you landed on a faulty device. When contacting the company, provide as many details as possible about the device, including batch details if you can. Most suppliers will replace the device for you and alert the company to prevent other faulty devices from making it into the market.

Should you choose to replace the device, dispose of the old one responsibly or send it for recycling if possible.

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