Why Does My Geek Bar Taste Burnt?

Why Does My Geek Bar Taste Burnt?

You've settled on Geek Bars and have heard them for a while. But recently, you started noticing a change in the flavour of the vape liquid. It's harsher than usual and almost tastes burnt. This unpleasant vape juice taste is a phenomenon that many vapers sadly experience during their vape journey. Disturbing as it might be, there are simple explanations as to why your Geek Bar tastes burnt.

Why Does Your vape Taste Burnt?

The burnt taste is something every vaper goes through once in a while, regardless of the type of vape device you're using. The burnt vapour cloud can catch the back of your throat, causing you to cough. It's by no means a pleasant sensation and one that you will want to get rid of as quickly as possible. The good news is that the burnt taste can be easily avoided. But it starts with identifying its cause.

Dry hits

Dry hits are the most common reason for the burnt taste you get from your Geek Bar. Dry hits happen because there’s not enough e-liquid to saturate the cotton wick. Therefore, when you inhale, the coil burns dry cotton releasing an awful, scorching dry hit. You shouldn’t continue to try vaping because eventually, you will burn the cotton, and you will have to throw the device away. Some of the reasons that could cause a dry hit include;

  • Chain vaping – Chain vaping is taking too many puffs from your device without letting your cotton wick enough time to saturate with e-liquid. The coil burns the cotton instead of vaporising the liquid. You can remedy chain vaping by allowing your Geek Bar enough time to sit and re-soak between puffs.
  • Vaping DTL instead of MTL – Geek Bars are designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping, which is the same style as traditional cigarettes. If you take long and deep inhales directions into the lungs, you’ll most likely experience a dry hit from your device because there is not enough e-liquid saturated to vaporise. Take short to medium puffs into the mouth first before inhaling into your lungs.
  • Malfunctioning Geek Bar – Geek Bar has exceptional quality control standards. But the devices are made in the thousands, and a few may slip through the system and find their way into the market. If you continue to receive burnt hits after tyring everything possible, consider replacing the device or trying another one, especially if the device is still new and you're sure it has enough vape juice.

Running Low on E-liquids

Dry hits aren’t the only reason for the burnt taste from your Geek Bar. The burnt taste could also indicate you’re running low on e-liquid. Without any liquid to vaporise, your coil will get too hot and overheat the liquid, which causes that unpleasant burnt taste in your mouth.

Can You Get Rid of The Burnt Taste?

That burnt taste isn't an experience you want to keep trying. You can easily get back to your regular, exciting vaping experience using a few tips;

Check your levels

Most likely, you're just running low on e-juice. With Geek Bars, when you vape and nothing comes out, it's a sign that you've exhausted your vape juice. You can replace the device with Geek Bar's wide range of devices and flavours to suit your preference.

Change your vaping technique

Taking short, frequent puffs will dry out the wick. Instead, take longer and slower puffs leaving between 10 and 20 seconds between each puff. It will ensure the atomiser or wick has enough time to absorb enough vape liquid for the next puff.

Avoid the cold

The viscosity of your e-liquid increases as temperatures drop. If the e-liquid becomes thick, it’s more difficult to flow into the atomiser or wick, which could cause dry hits. For the best experience, you should operate your Geek Bar between 0-350C.

The Bottomline

Geek Bars are excellent devices. They are user-friendly with a straightforward approach that targets a simple but immersive vaping experience with an exceptional, riveting performance, even for new vapers. But like other vape devices, Geek Bar fans are susceptible to the dreaded burnt taste and dry hits. As highlighted, different factors could fuel a dry hit. Some might be technical, while others only require a keen eye to prevent.

As a new vaper, dry hits might be more common as you learn how to determine when your vape juice is running out, how to master the right vaping technique and timing and even how to hold the device when vaping. Over time, dry hits will become rarer as you become more seasons. That’s not to stay experienced vapers are immune to dry hits. They suffer the same fate for the same reasons but far less often.

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