Why is my Disposable Blinking?

Why is my Disposable Blinking?

Vapers sometimes face technical problems during the vaping session, which can be frustrating but cannot be avoided by a vaper during its lifetime. It can be more frustrating when the production of vapour is interrupted, but over time, the most common question vapers ask is:

A blinking vape pen proves to be the major problem encountered by a vaper. Below are some of the reasons why disposable vape blinks.

Low or dead battery

A disposable vape pen works because of the energy stored in its battery, Also, the battery powers up the atomizer. The duration of the battery depends on the battery capacity and quality. For example, a disposable vape filled with 3 mL E-juice capacity, and has a 450mAh battery inbuilt.

After two or three days of vaping, you may notice that the disposable vape pen is blinking, this is because the battery is low or dead. 450mAh battery capacity should be able to finish the 3ml E-juice capacity of a disposable vape. But, if the battery quality is bad, then the E-liquid may remain little even when the battery is dead.

E- juice is getting empty

For a puff bar, if it is pre-filled with 1.8 ml E- juice capacity, the officials claim 400 puffs for a puff bar disposable vape. It means the E-liquid in a puff bar will be empty when you vape up to 400 puffs. Even if the battery inside is not dead at this point, it will be blinking, the blinking is to notify you that the E-liquid is getting empty.

Overextended Hits

To prevent the overuse of the battery, Advisably, observe a 15-20 seconds interval between two puffs. if a camper inhales frantically, the material will get very hot, the device will shut off automatically.

It stops working temporarily until the battery is cooled completely.  If this situation occurs, wait for a few minutes, even if a lasting and effective solution is changing your vaping habits.

Faults in the internal electronic component

It is known to us that internal damage to any electronic component will cause problems in product quality. So, if the disposable vape's internal electronic component is damaged like a broken battery cable or dropped into water, the disposable vape will be blinking.

If you're unable to repair a disposable vape. Then it's better to change the disposable vape.

 Poor maintenance of equipment

The disposable vape requires regular maintenance. Provided that it is planned for continuous use, it  is important to clean its various components occasionally.

Common blinks your disposable vape pen can have and their meaning

Disposable vape blinks 3 times

When you have a short circuit in the tank, your vape pen will blink. At times the pen blinks three times without the tank. you might be having a problem with your battery if this is happening.

When connected to the tank if the LED blinks, then it might be due to a bad connection.

Ensure the battery connection and heating oil are clean and secure when fixing the blinking problem. If the blinking continues, use the battery with other coils/tanks to check if the problem is gone.

You have to replace the coil or tank if the problem persists. After replacement, and there is still blinking, the problem is with the vape pen battery.

Disposable vape blinks 4 times

When the atomizer resistance is less than 0.1 ohms or greater than 2.5 ohms, some pens will blink 4 or more times. The battery will shut down the output automatically to protect the pen.

Put the pen on again after waiting for a few minutes.

Disposable vape blinks 5 times

It's often a sign of low battery when the vape pen blinks five-time or more immediately after usage. To fix this issue, charge the battery.

Note that the LED will still blink to indicate the charging process has begun.

Disposable vape blinks 10 times

The vape pen will blink 10 or more times due to several reasons. some of them are dying battery, low voltage and, overextended Hits.

Also, chances are that the vaping device is old and you need to get a new one.

Disposable vape blinks red

The vape pen blinks red due to different situations. When vaping, it’s a sign the battery is low (below 30%), and it requires charging. Otherwise, if the red or another colour blinks when charging the pen, it simply means that the charging has begun.

Disposable vape blinks blue

If the vape pen blinks blue when you are vaping, it could be a  sign you have medium battery power. If the blue blinking comes up after pressing the power button 3 times, then the vape pen has switched to medium mode power output.

Disposable vape blinks green

During a vaping session, if the pen blinks green it could mean it is full or almost full(at least 70%). When it's connected to power for charging and the green light blinks, it means the charging is completed. If the green light comes up after pressing the power button 3 times, the vape pen has switched to high mode power output.

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