Why Is My Geek Bar Flashing?

Why Is My Geek Bar Flashing?

Geek Bars are designed to be the ultimate disposable vape for all vapers – even newbies. But using the device for the first time can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. Knowing as much as possible about the device will help you be more prepared and know how to use the device better.

Geek Bars are straightforward and easy to operate. However, they also have an LED bar at the bottom that you might see flashing multiple times. For new vapers, the Geek Bar flashing might set off your senses. But it's nothing to be worried. Your Geek Bar could be flashing for several reasons.

Several reasons contribute to why your Geek Bar could be flashing. The flashing means something is wrong with the device. You’ll need to diagnose to determine the exact cause, but the main ones are;

Battery is dying

The battery dying is the most common reason for your Geek Bar flashing. It’s the device’s way of notifying you the battery is low, and you should adjust your vaping technique. For Geek Bars, the LED light flashing notifies you the battery has died. You should also notice a significant drop in vaping performance. However, Geek Bars are designed for the battery and vape juice to run out simultaneously, allowing you to make the most out of the device.

The Vape juice is running out

Geek Bars come prefilled with vape juice. On average, a Geek Bar delivers up to 400 puffs. Depending on your vaping style, it could be more or less. To prevent dry hits, the bar might flash several times to warn you that the vape juice is running out and it’s time to get a replacement. The Geek Bar might flash even when the battery inside is not dead. But typically, the device should have the battery and the juice run out simultaneously.

Something is wrong with the internal components

Geek Bars are sturdy devices, well designed and engineered to deliver amazing vaping performance. But they're electronic and, for whatever reason, might malfunction at any time, although this is rarely ever the case. The device might flash to warn you that it is not functioning properly and requires replacement. This happens if you drop it, if it has broken any internal battery cable or if you might have dropped it in water.

What Should You Do If Your Geek Bar is Flashing?

Most often, there’s nothing you can do to salvage your Geek bar if it’s flashing. That’s because the flashing almost always points to an end of the Geek Bar. And because Geek Bars are not refillable, rechargeable or repairable, all that’s left is to change the Geek Bar with a new option. We recommend you stop using the Geek Bar as soon as you notice the flashing and replace it with a new one.

Final Thoughts

As a Geek Bar enthusiast, you will notice your Geek Bar flashing multiple times. It’s normal and the device’s way of keeping you in the loop. Geek Bars typically flash ten times, and the flashing is close to the device's base. You will easily notice the flashing as you vape. As covered above, the flashing could be for various reasons. Unfortunately, there's little you can do about the flash but replace the Geek Bar.

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