Arizer ArGo Review

Arizer ArGo Review

The Canada-based vape manufacturer Arizer is well-known for making quality vaporizers. It is arguably considered one of the best manufacturers in the market. For the longest time, the brand has carved a niche for making desktop vaporizer. But vapers that would love the experience of the same brand on the go have been largely left in the dark. That was until the Arizer ArGo came along.

On the surface, the ArGo has all the portable device features. It easily fits in the palm of your hand. But how does it measure up when compared with other portable vaporizers?


Arizer didn’t go for a design that stands out and attracts attention. The ArGo instead adopts a small and inconspicuous design that fits comfortably in your hand. It will easily fit in your pocket or purse, and you can hide it quickly.

It uses the same glass stem technology as the other Arizer devices and is also loaded the same way – at the bottom of the glass stem. It also serves as the mouthpiece on the opposite end.

You will also see the digital display on the front side of the surface. The temperature is constantly displayed. There are adjustment buttons located directly underneath. It also has a button at the back of the device that makes the unit flush with the glass stem mouthpiece to protect it from damage and also makes the device much smaller.

The design is utterly catching without screaming for attention which makes it appealing to vapers that like discrete devices.

Build Quality

Build quality is a vital factor to consider when choosing a portable vaporiser like the ArGo because use on the road is much rougher. As with other Arizer products, the ArGo doesn’t disappoint on this front as well. It’s not just beautiful but also well-built.

It has a different shade between the plastic and metal components, giving the ArGo a distinct appearance.

Although most of the vape is made from plastic which can make users apprehensive, the device feels nice and solid on the hand and will make you feel confident in its quality as soon as you hold it.

It has subtle, well-rounded edges and attention to detail. The size of the device is just right and feels good in your hands. The lower section of the device is made from rubberised material, making it even more comfortable to hold.

Vapour Quality

The vapour quality from the Arizer ArGo is mouth-watering and top-quality. It is delicious and quite comparable to the Arizer Solo and the Air. It is precisely what you would expect from an Arizer device. The device can produce intense clouds of vapour at high temperatures without the vapour tasting harshly. But you don't even need to get to the higher temperatures. The device tends to perform better at a lower temperature.

It takes quite some time before the device starts to feel hot, so you can enjoy entire sessions without getting burnt.


The ArGo does an excellent job of ensuring you get consistent, high-quality vapour, flavour and experience with your vaping experience.

It has a hybrid heating unit made from stainless steel and ceramic material. It ensures you get the best heat-up times and subsequent sessions. The hybrid oven also means you get uniform vaporisation for a gratifying vaping experience and guarantee maximum value from your dry herbs.

For a portable device and considering its size, the ArGo has a sizeable oven that holds about 0.2g of herb that gives you a good number of hits per battery charge, which is quite good to have on a portable vape. It saves you the trouble of constantly packing the device.

Temperature and Temperature Control

The best place to start regarding temperature control is the heating time. The ArGo is comparable to other Arizer devices. It takes about 45 seconds to reach 1800C and about 60 seconds to reach 2200C.

The ArGo uses an all-glass pathway, and the materials used on the oven mean it might take a little longer to reach optimum temperature compared to other similar devices. But the insane flavour it delivers after reaching the desired temperature proves to be worth the wait.

You have several temperature options with the ArGo. It has adjustment buttons on the front that you can use to adjust the temperature settings increments of one. You can hold the button for several seconds to jump 10 units at a time.

The lowest operating temperature on the ArGo is about 500C all the way to 2200C. The most suitable temperature that delivers the best results is around 180-2000C. This range delivers the best flavour and vapour production.

The Oven

The ArGo has a hybrid heating chamber or oven. These are becoming quite common among vaping devices because they vaporise the herb efficiently. A hybrid heating system also saves you money on your herbs.

The combination of ceramic, glass and stainless steel is the most efficient way of heating dry herb, while convection heating ensures accurate temperatures and cools the herbs almost instantly, preventing combustion. This unique combination provides the best vapour and flavour delivery but also conserves your dry herb.

Ease of Use

For such an advanced device, the ArGo is surprisingly easy to use. Start by packing your dry herb into the device. You can access the chamber which is at the bottom of the glass stems and replace it.

Turn on the device by pressing and holding the + button and then the main button at the same time. The device will initiate a 3-second countdown. Hold the buttons until the end of the countdown, and the device will power up.

Once on, the ArGo displays the current temperature. You can use the precision temperature control to adjust the temperature to your preference, after which the device will begin to warm up. In a few seconds, you can start enjoying your flavourful draws.

Remember that the Arizer comes with 2 silicone tops for the steps. These allow you to pre-pack your dry herbs for seamless future sessions on the go.


The ArGo comes with impressive batteries that can last around 90 minutes. That is enough to squeeze up to 9 sessions. The batteries are rechargeable and removable. You can recharge them using a micro-USB or remove the battery and use a 18650 battery charger.

Using a good 18650 battery charger can cut the charging time in half. But expect it to take a bit longer when using a micro USB charger.

Ath ArGo has pass-through vaping, so you don't have to persevere through the charging period before you can get your next vape.


Some vapers appreciate some discreetness when vaping. The ArGo is quite stealthy with unique features that start with the design, which is much smaller with blending colours.

You might get some smell during and after the session, but if you tone down the temperature and use mid-temperature settings, the scent is pretty discreet.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As with all good-quality vaporizers, you have to know how much cleaning and maintenance you expect, considering you will have the device for quite some time.

The ArGo is incredibly low maintenance. The oven requires almost no cleaning as long as you pack the chamber on the glass stem with a bit of space between them over and your herb.

When you need to clean the oven, you can use a Q-tip to get to it. When cleaning, use isopropyl alcohol and ensure the parts dry completely before you start using them again.

Who is the Arizer ArGo for?

The ArGo is an excellent device for vapers that want an affordable but high-quality vape that they can take anywhere and at any time. It is an easy unit to understand and perfect for beginners. It has great vapour and precise temperature control, which appeal to vaping veterans.

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