How to Clean the Pax 3

How to Clean the Pax 3

The Pax family of vaporisers is a force to be reckoned with. They feature rapid heat-up times, prolonged battery life, exquisite flavour and vapour production, and they're pocket friendly, just to mention a few.

All these features are squeezed into a compact vaping device that delivers phenomenal performance. The Pax 3 is the crème de la crème of the series offering the latest features and technology. But to keep it running smoothly, it requires regular and timely maintenance, especially cleaning.

If you have cleaned a vaporiser before, this shouldn't be hard. If you haven't, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get the best results and get your device in a tip-top shape, ready for your next vape.

What You Will Need

Unless you want to be running around and searching for tools when you need them, the first step to cleaning your Pax 3 is gathering everything you need for the cleaning. Having everything beforehand saves time, is convenient and saves you the trouble of taking the device apart only to realise there's something you're missing.

Here is everything you will need to clean your vaporiser:

  • Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol
  • Water
  • A glass or a jar
  • Pipe cleaner (included with the Pax 3).
  • A cup of fresh, clean water
  • Cotton buds (optional)
  • The cleaning brush comes with the Pax vaping device.
  • Paper towel
  • Pax multi-tool (optional)

How to Clean the Pax 3

The cleaning process and length you take depends on the Pax 3 setup you have. The complete kit will take a longer time, while the device is easier and faster to clean.

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If you're wondering, the complete kit comes with both full and half-pack oven lid, and requires cleaning the oven lid, the oven screen, concentrates inserts, the vapour path inside the device and the mouthpiece.

Before you start cleaning the device, make sure it is powered down and has cooled down sufficiently. Most users consider cleaning the device while it's warm easier. However, you have to be cautious while handling a potentially hot device. The best bet is to wait for it to cool down completely before handling it.

How to clean the Pax 3 (device-only) kit

Here are the steps to follow when cleaning the device only: 

Step 1

Lift the mouthpiece using the multi-tool. Slide the tool along the lip and gently lift the mouthpiece out. If you don't have the multi-tool, you can use your nail to lift the piece out of place. Once the piece is out, dip it in soapy water. But Isopropyl alcohol is the best to disinfect as well. The silicone piece around the mouthpiece can also be submerged in either of the solutions. Carefully wipe down the mouthpiece until there’s no trace of residue, dirt or liquid. Set it aside and allow it to dry as you clean the rest of the device.

Step 2

Moisten the pipe cleaner. If you're looking for a more thorough clean, moisten the wire brush instead of using water or alcohol. Be cautious not to use too much solution because you can’t use the device until the device is completely dry. Also, excess moisture can damage the device. As a general rule of thumb, avoid inserting a dripping pipe cleaner into the device. After moistening the cleaning tool, push it into the vapour path. Push it deep enough to push out the oven screen while cleaning the path. Use vigorous back and forth motions to get out as much residue and dirt as possible.  

Step 3

After thoroughly cleaning the vapour path, wipe down the screen with a moist cotton swab. You can also use an alcohol wipe if you don't have cotton swabs. Do not submerge the oven lid in any liquid. If necessary, you can submerge it in alcohol. As with the other parts, you have to ensure it's completely dry before use.

Step 4

Finally, you can start working on the oven chamber. Like with the other parts, use a moist alcohol wipe or cotton swab to remove stains from the chamber. Take time to get the best results possible. If you’ve been using the device for some time, the oven chamber might be discoloured so consider this as well. Once it's clean, leave it to dry. You can also use a dry towel to wipe down the parts to speed up the process then reassemble once dried completely.

How to Clean the Pax 3 Complete Kit

If you have the Pax 3 complete kit, the cleaning process is similar. But, there are more parts to clean. Cleaning the half-pack lid is the same as cleaning the regular lid. The half-packed lid shouldn’t be submerged in liquid. You should use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol just as in the regular lid. Scrub the lid vigorously until all the residue and dirt is out.

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The complete kit also comes with a concentrate insert. It needs cleaning as well. You can use the multi-tool that comes with the kit to open the insert. Once open, use a moist cotton swab to clean the inside of the concentrate insert. It identical to cleaning the oven chamber.

If necessary, submerge the concentrate insert into isopropyl or rubbing alcohol. Like the other parts, ensure these too are dry before assembly.

After Cleaning

Once all the parts are dry and shiny, you can start reassembling the Pax 3 vaporiser back together. Start by inserting the oven screen into the oven chamber, followed by the concentrate insert if you're using it, then the oven lid and lastly, the mouthpiece.

All the pieces should be fitting nicely in their positions without forcing. Where possible, use the multi-tool.

For the final touches, lightly moisten a towel with alcohol and use it to remove fingerprints, excess oils and any residue that might have found its way on the surface of the anodised aluminium shell. Now your Pax 3 vaporiser is ready for the next vape. If you’ve put everything correctly in its rightful place, expect nothing short of a fantastic performance.

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