PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

PAX 2 Vaporizer Review

PAX launched the first PAX device, which at the time was received with much fanfare. However, as with everything else in the vaping world, the PAX quickly ran out of favour with vapers because of its design and a few kinks in its design.

PAX then came up with the PAX 2, which features a more intricate, slimmer, and elegant design. The new PAX device also addresses most of the first device's design flaws and adds a few more features for the tech-savvy vapers.

How it Works

Not much about the PAX 2 works has changed. It has a heating chamber at the bottom of the unit, which is closed off by a magnetic lid.

To load the oven, press the outer edge of the lid to pop it off, invert the unit and load the oven.

The device has a conduction heating oven to vaporize dry herb. For the best results, pack the oven fully, but it shouldn’t overflow. Pop the magnetic lid back on and turn the device on by pressing the centre of the flat mouthpiece once.

The petal LED lights on the device will pulse purple to indicate the unit is on and heating. The device takes less than 60 seconds to heat to the desired temperature. A green light indicates the device is ready to vape. You can adjust the temperature settings by pressing down on the mouthpiece for a few seconds to enter the temperature mode.

Temperature Flexibility

The PAX 2 comes with four pre-set temperature settings that range from 182 to 2150C. What makes the PAX 2 stand out in every regard is the motion sensors that ensure the heating chamber is not wasting energy. So, the temperature settings fluctuate slightly to get you the most effective performance.

The first and second temperature settings are in the range of between 179-1990C, the third setting is around 2150C, and the fourth setting goes all the way to 2300C but drops down to 4250C after a few seconds.

Vapor Quality

One of the reasons the PAX 2 has become a force to reckon with in the vaping world is its exceptional performance despite its miniature and portable size. The device produces flavourful and smooth vapour.

The vapour is thick enough and visible. It is perfect for vapers that prefer a light sip as well as those that take long draws.

Manufacturing Quality

Ploom has never compromised the quality of its products. Like its predecessor, the PAX 2 looks and feels sturdy and well-made.

The materials selected for the device are high quality, and the attention to detail is impeccable. The manufacturer has gone further to improve areas where the original PAX failed, among them being the clicky mouthpiece.

The new mouthpiece is made from food-grade silicone and sits flush on top of the unity. There are no mechanical parts and the mouthpiece doesn't get stuck.

The exterior of the PAX 2 has a beautiful brushed anodised aluminium finish that comes in four different colours. The device also has an internal accelerometer and lip sensor, which detects motion, making this a 'smart vaporizer.'

If you don’t move the device or draw from it within 20 seconds, the heating chamber starts to cool down to conserve battery life and preserve your herbs.

In case you’re still unsure of the manufacturing quality of the device, the 10-year warranty is all the surety you need to put your worries to bed.

Battery Life

The PAX 2 has a very interesting battery life largely because of the motion sensors. The device has an internal 3000mAh rechargeable battery. It takes about 3 hours to charge, and the fully charged battery delivers about 90 minutes of use and up to 10 sessions.

How long you use the device and how many sessions you get out of the device depends on how long you draw for and how long you wait between the draws and your temperature settings.


The PAX 2 is all about portability. It is a compact device weighing about 92 grams and 10% lighter than the original model. It is also 25% smaller too.

Besides the outstanding size and weight parameters, the PAX 2 is also quite the looker with a sleek shape. If you’re the vaper that likes to move around with stunning-looking devices, the PAX 2 is just the device for you.

Ease of Use

Many vaporizers will often have all the right features, right up until you try to use the device. Having multiple buttons, numerous features and a busy user interface can make the device hard to use, mainly for new vapers.

The PAX 2 is different in many ways. It is one of the easiest devices to use. It has a one-press mouthpiece technology that makes the device simple to use.

The LED petals might seem a little confusing to understand at first, but the user manual that comes with the device has everything you need to know that each of the colours means.

To get the most out of your PAX 2 Vaporizer, consider spending more time on cleaning and maintenance, particularly on the oven, which tends to get quite dirty.

Properly cleaning the device, including the screen, will prevent the residue from restricting airflow and decreasing the quality of the vapour.


The PAX 2 is a highly discreet device. It is small enough to be concealed in your hand and the new mouthpiece design allows you to sip more discreetly. The device has a unique, mainly flat shape that, in most cases, will not attract any attention.

The only difference is that the PAX 2 is an odour heavy unit, so you might want to take your puffs away from a crowd.

Overall Experience

Be prepared to be impressed by the PAX 2. Ploom has done an excellent job of creating a device that maintains its identity and improves performance.

The PAX 2 is a smaller, sleeker and more impressive device with better performance. It is an innovative unit with impressive technology, perfect for tech-savvy vapers looking for an excellent experience on the go.

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