Plenty Vaporizer Review

Plenty Vaporizer Review

Storz & Bickel has made a name by making high-performance desktop vaporisers. The Plenty Vaporizer was their first effort at bridging the gap between portable and desktop devices. As you would expect from Storz & Bickel, the Plenty had a unique design and function that remains firmly engraved in the memories of all vapers that have had the chance to use or even just to see it.

Despite being around for several years, the Plenty has remained a popular choice among vape enthusiasts looking for near-perfect quality and vapour with some portability. Here is a closer look at what the Plenty has to offer and its superb range of features.


The best place to start analysing the Plenty Vaporizer is its appearance. It is its most captivating and exciting feature.

The design includes an exposed metal coil that protrudes several inches from the top of the heating chamber and a bright orange handle that activates the heater.

The Plenty is made from excellent materials and high-quality construction and design that has become a norm with Storz & Bickel. The device has no electronic components, which makes it more amazingly consistent and highly durable. It plugs directly into the wall, so you have to worry about charging the batteries.

Vapour Quality

The vapour quality of the Plenty Vaporizer can be described in many adjectives. These include delicious, dense, cool, tasty, powerful and potent. The list goes on and on. As Storz & Bickle has proven in the past, they can make devices that outperform every other device in the same class as theirs in terms of vapour production and quality. The Plenty is not any different.

The Plenty has a unique heat delivery system that is combined with a premium stainless-steel cooling coil that ensures you get smooth inhalations and maximum flavour transmission. Even with the temperature at its highest setting, the clouds produced by the Plenty are still dense and milky, never harsh or hot.

Portability and build

The Plenty has one of the most outstanding builds ever seen in the vaping world. It is truly a stand out piece that you have to see for yourself to believe. It looks more like a power tool than a vaporiser.

The device is made from high-quality medical-grade materials. The construction is sturdy and durable like all other Storz & Bickel products. It comes in an orange and black finish, giving it a nice contrast and appealing look.

The Plenty build features two main pieces; there is the base, which is the actual hand-held heating system plugged into the wall. The base features the temperature display, an orange lamp that lights up while the device is heating, a power button and an auto-off release grip that tells the unit to heat.

The second piece comprises several small items that include the large bowel, the attachment piece and a cork-crew cooling coil that leads up to the mouthpiece. All the pieces in this unit must be put together correctly for the unit to work. 

You can’t really say the Plenty is a portable device. But it is a pretty manoeuvrable device considering it competes with desktop units. It’s easy to pass around, although you will need to keep everyone around the wall outlet because the Plenty doesn’t have any batteries.

The Plenty isn't fully considered a portable vaporiser because it doesn't have batteries and also, you cannot use it in a car or while on the go. For vapers looking for an entirely portable device still under the Storz & Bickle brand, the Crafty would be a better selection.

Aesthetic and Feel

The quality of the Plenty Vaporizer is quite reassuring. The quality of the materials means the device feels sturdy and the construction gives it a firm and solid feel to it. It has just the right amount of heft, but it's not too heavy that it is hard to operate while in your hand.

The contrasting colours on the finish complement the unique design of the device. The orange gives the device an outstanding, attention-seeking look while the black gives it a balance that ensures the shouting orange is not overwhelming.

Performance and Features

The Plenty is a great dry herb vaporiser and also works with wax or oil. Despite the whacky design and appearance, the device itself is pretty easy to use. It doesn’t come with fancy features and apps that can be annoying and glitchy at times.

The Plenty is designed to deliver a fast vape session, rapid heating times and quick setting up. Its range of temperatures allows you to select your preferred settings. The kit also includes a small liquid that allows you to enjoy some wax when you want to.

The Plenty has a large oven that heats the herb evenly. It relies on convection heating which is more effective in vaporising and reduces the chances of combusting the contents of the bowl. Convention heating is becoming extremely popular because it improves the performance, taste and overall vapour quality.

Convection heating

Vaporiser technology is constantly advancing, and Storz & Bickel has always prided itself in being the trendsetter having the best technology. One of these is convection heating.

The convection heating system in the Plenty operates by circulating hot air through the systems. The same technology has been adopted by thousands of companies to improve their heating system.

Convection heating allows more precise temperature control, which is a significant factor in ensuring superior vapour quality when vaping dry herbs. Convection heating prevents overheating and bad taste, which can minimise the flavour and effect of the dry herb or oil.

Storz & Bickel has relied on convection heating or aspects of it in all of its devices. Given the success the brand has had in terms of performance, it’s safe to say that convection heating is the next big thing in vaping.

Temperature Control

The Plenty has a unique temperature control system that is easy to use and precise. The device has a gauge ranging from one to seven and a temperature range between 266 to 3660F. If you pack the bowl tightly enough with a fine grind, you can get the device to 4100F.

Packing the device is relatively easy. The dial has numbers one to seven, allowing you to choose your ideal temperature range. The most preferred temperature that produces the tastiest and smoothest temperature is around 3900F.

Simply put, the Plenty has great flexibility in terms of the temperature range. It is not as precise as what digital temperature controls have to over, but it is quite accurate for its range.

Heat-up time

Heat up time is the period you have to wait before the device is ready to go. For the Plenty, it is supposed to get to about 3600F in about three minutes. It is slightly longer than other devices, but the Plenty makes it worth the wait once it reaches the temperature.

The device also does an excellent job of staying within the selected temperature range once it gets there.

Also, because the unit runs from a wall socket, three minutes doesn't seem like a long time to wait, considering you can use the device for as long as you want.

Cleaning and maintenance

For a device that is as uniquely shaped as the Plenty, cleaning and maintenance must be difficult and time-consuming, right? Wrong!

Cleaning requires that you disassemble the unit fully. Most of the parts in the filling chamber are individual parts, making them easy to clean. You can use 90% alcohol or dishwashing soap. Make sure all the parts are thoroughly rinsed and dried before using them again.  

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