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Introducing the brand: a 70-year-old family company pioneered by two sisters with the aim to use their outstanding manufacturing know-how to make vaping cannabis flowers more convenient.

BudKups are reusable and made of food-grade stainless steel, these loading capsule products were created with quality, innovation, and consumers in mind to establish an online community of enthusiastic flower enthusiasts, artists, and other sets of passionate people.

Make yourself comfortable in the leading online vaporiser shops in the UK. Here at Flawless Vaporisers, we're proud to offer three products that BudKups has produced, for the love of quality and value.

BudKups range of products

BudKups Gen 3.0 with three pieces of loading capsules

Made of stainless steel, this is a fantastic product to use with the pax. It is known to work beautifully with Pax 2 and permanently transforms the way you can use the vaporiser. When utilizing the Pax, the device lets you hot-swap cartridges on the fly.

Talk about the handiness and beautiful design. Using it is simple, making vaporisers a breeze. What's more? you can fill many BudKups at once and store them in your travel case.

Are you a PAX user? This product improves the PAX by a factor of 1000. You won't have to worry about making a mess when cleaning and refilling because it's especially convenient to be able to swiftly and simply swap between strains.

You can enjoy up to 5 sessions with it as well. Are you done smoking? Simply replace the insert with a new one and you're ready to go again. It's nice to know that they are easy to remove after each use, you just have to use the included tool to remove them.

We're proud to say this is a game-changer helping to reduce flower waste and make every hit taste fantastic for you.

BudKups BudKit Plus

The BudKups BudKit has a complete packing and storing method that organizes your BudKups accessories and simplifies your vaping experience. It is compatible with the PAX 2 or PAX 3. Here's a list of what the BudKups BudKit contains:

-6 BudKups 3.0

-The packing System

-The Bud Case

-2 BudKup removal tools are also included in this set.

This BudKit makes the PAX much more discrete and easy for on-the-go usage while maintaining the same amazing flavour.

We believe anyone will be pleased with the results because it's quite simple to load with the tools provided, and the little storage tin is ideal. When heated, it readily comes out of the vaporizer by gently pressing it or using the extraction tool.

We are confident of how much easier it will improve your smoking experience.

BudKup Case With 6 BudKups

6 BudKups Generation 3.0 are included in this package.  The stainless steel is food-safe with two BudKup removal tools also included in the package. The BudKups allow every user to pre-load while on the go, and it's a great little case for holding six BudKups- discreet and portable.

With more vapour, the draw is easier. They are quite simple to clean; all you have to do is simply soak them in alcohol for a few minutes and they are ready to use.

Loading is a breeze with this! It's well-made, a good deal, what's more? It goes well with the PAX 2 and PAX 3.

Why choose BudKups?

Are you wondering whether using BudKups loading capsules is worth it? How about seeing for yourself:

-They are a brand that is excited about building good relationships with fellow businesses. The BudKups brand cares about the work of their hands in the CBD industry and will stop at nothing to produce new interesting and functional items all for customer satisfaction.

-BudKups' mission has always been to make flower cannabis use simple and portable, which is the most flavourful way to consume cannabis.

-They think safe and simple, and their products reflect this.

FAQs BudKups

What is used to clean the BudKup after use?

You don't have to clean your BudKup after each use, but if you notice them getting a little gunky, we recommend soaking them in isopropyl alcohol and wiping them down with a pipe cleaner.

Do you need to remove the pax screen before using it?

Yes, you need to remove the PAX screen before putting the BudKup in. Otherwise, the BudKup won't fit completely and properly inside the oven of your PAX vaporiser.

Will it fit in the original PAX 1?

No, BudKups are made specifically for PAX 2 and PAX 3

Is the BudKups loading capsule included?

Yes, six BudKups version 3.0 loading pills are included.

How do you make the best use of this effectively?

Follow these steps to make the best use of BudKups:

Place the cup in the bottom of your PAX 2 or 3 once you've packed it. One after the other, you can pick 2.5 grams of flowers between the six of them. When your cup is empty, remove and replace it.

Is the case smell proof?

No, the case is not completely smell proof.

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