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After 15 years of creating and producing high-quality goods and listening to valuable consumer input, the all-new Arizer XQ2 is now here!

The product includes a Whip attachment for on-demand direct draws as well as three fan modes for aided draws. The Arizer XQ2 is extremely simple to clean and maintain, thanks to its high-quality silicone tubing, which allows for smooth vapour delivery, and its 360° Swivel Action, which is ideal for sharing.

It also comes with a very simple and easy customisable balloon system which can be adjusted to fill collection bags/balloons with the vapour to suit your needs. These are also ideal for individuals who want a big volume of usage, as they allow for the sharing of high-quality vapour with others.

This also has RGB LED illumination with various modes that can be switched on and off, which is ideal for establishing the desired mood while vaping.

  • Heating – Pulses from Yellow to Orange
  • Reach Set Temperature – Blinks Green twice
  • Stable Temperature – Pulses Orange continuously
  • Fan Operation – Pulses Purple
  • Cooling – Pulses Cyan
  • Cooling with Fan – Pulses Blue

ARIZER XQ2 Features 

  • Whip System, Balloon System, & Aromatherapy
  • Advanced Ceramic Convection Technology
  • Re-Engineered, Optimized, Isolated Airflow
  • High Quality Borosilicate Glass Parts
  • Upgraded Custom Session Settings
  • Multi-Color Base & Heater LEDs
  • Programmable Remote Control
  • User-Friendly OS
  • 3-Speed Fan
  • Replaceable Air Intake Filter

    What's in the box

    • 1 X XQ2 Multi Purpose Heater
    • 1 x Air Filter Cartridge w./ Filter
    • 1 x 3" Whip (Silicone)
    • 1 x Stainless Steel Stirring Tool
    • 1 x Dome Flat Screen
    • 1 x XQ2 Remote Control
    • 1 x AC110-240v Power Adapter (UK Plug)
    • 1 x Glass Mini Whip
    • 2 x Glass Connoisseur Bowls
    • 1 x Balloon Cap
    • 2 x Tuff BowlGrips
    • 1 x Glass Aromatherapy Dish
    • 1 x Aromatic Botanicals Sample
    • 2 x Balloon Bags
    • 1 x Balloon Connector
    • 1 x Glass Balloon Mouthpiece
    • 1 x XQ2 Owner’s Manual

    Canadian vape manufacturer, Arizer is one of the original entrants into the vaping space and has always made quality vaping devices with incredible performance and hold up to the test of time. Most of Arizer’s devices are devoid of frills or complex intricacies that make them straightforward to operate.

    The Arizer XQ2 draws inspiration from the same simplistic blueprint that has manufactured previous Arizer vaporisers, which have carved out a name for themselves with every vaper that has given them a try.

    The Arizer XQ2 is a dry herb desktop vaporiser that builds on the design and success of its predecessors, the V Tower and the Extreme Q Vaporizer. The device has a simple convection approach which involves placing the dry herb on top of the heating element and inhaling it through a whip or a fan which pumps hot air through your herb into a bag from which you can inhale.

    Design and Build Quality

    Arizer has never allowed a shred of doubt in the quality of its devices, and it has always managed to remain creative and impressive with its design approach. The XQ2 comes in a completely new redesign that resembles a UFO but is more aesthetically pleasing. The shell of the vaporiser is made from hard, top-quality plastic, which makes the device feel a lot lighter than it is compared to other legends like the Volcano.  

    It's not just the design of the device that stands out but also the sheer amount of accessories you get with it. The XQ2 comes with everything you need to start enjoying your dry herb right out of the box. The kit includes extra screens and cleaning accessories for a comprehensive, jaw-dropping presentation.

    The attention to detail extends to the user manual. It is very well done and comes in multiple languages, making it easy for vapers from different regions to make the most out of the Arizer XQ2.

    The most impressive feature of the new XQ2 is the ballon connector which has an attachable cap. It is a significantly better design than what you get on the EQ, which allows you to seal the vapour in the bag instead of putting your thumb over the bag like in the Extreme Q.

    Other improvements on the XQ2 include the intake filter that prevents dust or ground flowers from getting sucked into the vape. It has a new connoisseur bowl design and Tuff bowlGrips that make it easy to remove hot bowls without waiting for the device to cool down.

    ARIZER XQ2 How it Works

    The dedicated fan speed control is one of the best additions to the XQ2. It allows you to adjust the fan speed easily and swiftly. With the dedicated control, you can enable the pre-heating of the bowl, which goes a long way in producing more consistent vapour during the session.

    Arizer also added an LED strip at the base of the XQ2, which adds some aesthetic appeal but, more importantly, indicates the current state of the vaporiser. For instance, the LED strip pulses between yellow and orange during heat-up and blue while cooling down.

    Temperature Flexibility

    The XQ2 has some impressive shoes to fill. The Extreme Q could reach a vaping temperature of 260 degrees Celsius, which doesn’t leave much room for the Arizer XQ2.

    The XQ2 has the same full, precise temperature control, which can be directly configured via the updated onboard LED screen. It also comes with remote control for easy dialling in temperatures at a distance and allows you to turn the vaporiser on and off without being within an arm’s reach.  

    Vapour Quality

    The Arizer XQ2 comes with the new and redesigned connoisseur bowl. It positions your dry herb closer to the heating element for better efficiency and fuller extraction of the dry herb. In addition, the XQ2 doesn't use disposable metal screens to filter the herb particulate. Instead, it incorporates the filter straight into the glass connoisseur bowl for easier clean-up.

    Generally, the XQ2 produces denser and more potent vapour than the Extreme Q. The fan speed setting plays a large factor in this, so the actual vapour quality may differ slightly depending on how you play with the fan speeds.

    The XQ2 also makes substantial gains in its heat-up times. It hits the target temperature within 2 minutes of starting up, but this could be less if you settle for a lower temperature. As for those that prefer vaping using the bag, you can expect the bag to fill up with vapour in 2-4 minutes.

    Manufacturing quality

    The design of the Arizer XQ2 is stunning by all standards and matches up to the expectations of the vaporisers in the current decade. The improvements to the LED screens are quite the step up especially compared to what its predecessors had.

    The screen is brighter and much easier to read. It also has a revamped user interface with reduced clutter, giving you a more direct view of vital details like the device’s target temperature.

    As customary with Arizer, the XQ2 comes with a flurry of accessories, most of which have been redesigned for better performance and accessibility. The whip attachment, which now swivels, is one of the redesigned parts. The fit of the glass connectors has been improved, allowing for a proper seal when setting up the XQ2.


    The Arizer XQ2 isn’t the most discreet vaporiser on the market. Still, it is smaller than most of its popular competitors like the Volcano Classic, which makes it an ideal desktop vaporiser for users with limited space.

    Its sleek black exterior and overall design resemble the appearance of an aromatherapy diffuser which makes this perfect for vapers that want a desktop vaporiser with a low profile.

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