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Ignite CBD

Ignite CBD Vape Pods 250mg

Ignite CBD Vape Pods 250mg

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These interchangeable CBD Vape Pods by Ignite are convenient 1ml disposable pods, these pods are compatible with the Ignite ONE Soft Touch Rechargeable Vape Pen.

These pods contain 250mg of high quality natural, hemp derived CBD oil and are available in a selection of unique and delicious flavours including: 

Calm - Pink Chill - Bubblegum - Mango
Recharge - Tropical Fruit - Water Melon
Lucid - Blood Orange - Apple Berry


  • All-natural, hemp-derived CBD oil
  • Natural flavouring
  • PG:VG Mix

 Quality Assurance:

  • Thoroughly tested
  • Terpenes included
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