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Professor Herb

Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend 1000mg (20g)

Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend 1000mg (20g)

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The Professor Herb Premium Hemp Blend is a popular tobacco substitute, providing a more natural alternative to smoking, without nicotine or tobacco, whilst providing you with a gentle relaxation, delicate texture and herbal aroma.

This 100% pure hemp blend is perfect for smoking, as well as working well when combined with any other smoking blends or herbs. The blend is pre-ground, meaning it is ready to roll from the pouch, no grinding required.

Each 20g pouch contains 1000mg of a terpene infused premium hemp with cannabinoids. There is zero nicotine, zero THC and zero tobacco.

  • Manufactured in the UK & EU
  • Premium Italian grown industrial hemp biomass (20g per pouch)
  • 1000mg of organic natural CBD per pouch
  • Smell-proof resealable foil zip-lock pouch
  • Includes Professor Herb king size rolling papers
  • Analysed & tested by Adact Medical
  • PHE (Public Health England) submitted
  • QR code feature for COA

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